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Public Business Law

Mission Statement

Many areas of the business sector are confronted by public law. Developing solutions and having the competence to implement the same requires a high degree of legal creativity. The particular challenge is to consider the fact that relevant provisions are spread across a vast array of different laws. Adding to this complexity is the substantial amount of EU legislation that must be taken into account.

We focus on the most recent developments in the field of public business law and our legal experts support you with tailored strategies and solutions. Our work includes, without limitation, conducting environmental due diligence reviews, preparing legal opinions and studies to identify alternative options from an environmental law standpoint, as well as advising on applying for the licenses required for industrial plants or other operations, evaluating environmental law aspects in connection with project development, and advising public authorities in the context of special assignments, such as evaluating the extent to which public authorities must take into account environmental aspects in procurement procedures.

„Highly experienced lawyers, high problem solving capacity, strong market expertise, reasonable pricing, 100% availibility and meets the deadlines.“

Key Services and Practice Areas

  • Advice on and review of construction law and zoning law issues
  • Environmental due diligence reviews
  • Supporting clients with infrastructure projects, proceedings for compulsory granting of servitudes, and expropriation proceedings
  • Obtaining trade licenses, advise on all aspects of trade law, including managing directors under trade law (liability)
  • Supporting plant permit proceedings, reorganization proceedings, or trade law enforcement measures (imminent closing-down of operations)
  • Hospital law (construction and operating licenses, separate needs assessments, change permits), including for private hospitals (outpatient clinics, sanitariums)
  • Supporting clients with M&A transactions and resolving special public-law issues (e.g., EU aid law, environmental impact assessment obligation, zoning issues)
  • Representation in all kinds of proceedings before public authorities and administrative courts, including up to the Supreme Constitutional Court or Supreme Administrative Court; administrative offence proceedings
  • Advice on and representation in other matters of EU and Austrian administrative business law


Michael Hecht, Partner
Markus Kajaba, Partner
Djordje Djukic, Attorney
Christina Klapf, Attorney
Lydia Lilia Korol-Uitz, Attorney
Josef Peer, Attorney
Bernhard Scherzer, Attorney