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Labor and Employment Law

Mission Statement

Labor and employment law covers all legal aspects of the relationship between employers and employees, from an individual employment relationship with a public or private employer up to the participation of employee representatives in the entrepreneurial decision-making process. The dynamics of the labor market require constant adjustments to the legal framework conditions. The need for a sophisticated and sustainable design of employment relationships is crucial for entrepreneurial success. fwp advises clients on all labor and employment law issues.

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Key Services and Practice Areas

Employment Law

  • Designing employment contracts
  • Remuneration (employee share ownership, stock option plans)
  • Cross-border work/employment
  • Flexible work models (working from home)
  • Employee inventions
  • Employees' liability insurance, D&O liability
  • Bullying, discrimination, and conflicts in employment relationships
  • Severance management
  • Challenging termination or dismissal for cause
  • Violation of (post-contractual) non-competition clauses

Labor Law

  • Plant agreements and collective bargaining agreements
  • Structuring of working time, driving times, and rest periods
  • Social plans
  • Whistleblowing
  • Participation and co-determination rights of the works council
  • Conciliation board proceedings
  • Labor disputes (strike, lockout)

Company Pension Law

  • Direct bonus
  • Reinsurance policies
  • Pension fund commitments
  • Transfers of pension commitments
  • Adjustment and modification of pension commitments

Public Service Law

  • Law governing public officials and employees of the government in business entities
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Termination of employment relationships
  • Law relating to liability of public authorities

Corporate Transactions

  • Employment and labor law relating to business transfers
  • Participation rights of the works council
  • Combinations and carve-outs of operations, staff cutbacks
  • Social plans


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