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Mission Statement

There is hardly any other area of law which is subject to bigger changes due to technological progress in a dynamic business environment than IP & IT. Due to the virtual discussions about cyber currencies, the need for new forms of protection, a transparent society, and data protection and personal rights have gained a completely different dimension. Intellectual property and protection of the same have become key factors of success, with topics ranging from trademarks via rights of use up to unfair competition. Legal concepts which were considered untouchable for centuries start to flounder when faced with questions of ownership or copyright in virtual reality, issues related to cloning, right up to crypto currencies. We address all of these challenges and offer state-of-the art solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our special focus is on a forward-looking development.

"All areas of law are very well covered. Tasks are handled quickly and expeditiously. Top quality is delivered at the speed of light.“
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Key Services and Practice Areas

IP Law

  • Establishing and securing proprietary rights of any kind at a national and international level
  • Protection of intellectual property, in particular copyrights
  • Enforcement of claims and defense of infringements
  • Contract drafting considering all aspects of IP law up to complex know-how license agreements
  • Management of trademark and design portfolios
  • Competition law

IT Law

  • Contract law of information technologies, including drafting of individual contracts and GTCs
  • Electronic commerce, including drafting of provider contracts 
  • Communication networks and services
  • Domain law
  • Information technology security, including encryptions and signatures
  • Crypto currencies
  • Blockchain applications
  • Smart contracts


Markus Kajaba, Partner
Florian Kranebitter, Partner
Michael Froner, Attorney