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Dispute Resolution

Mission Statement

A global economy, diverging legal regimes and intensified cooperation of public authorities pose numerous legal challenges for enterprises. We are in a unique position to provide advice in these areas and to represent international clients in cross-border litigation, arbitration, or internal investigations. We endeavor to resolve disputes as efficiently as possible and focus on practical and economical solutions. We support our clients having in mind the primary goal of finding a tailored solution by offering practical advice and using alternative methods of dispute resolution.

We primarily represent our clients in litigation involving complex facts and circumstances in connection with difficult legal issues, often in an international setting. In doing so our law firm aims to provide our best talents to each client, meeting all requirements with priority and competence, and to cooperate seamlessly when they provide services to you. Clients are provided with a team of attorneys that best meets their needs. Depending on the type of proceedings and the subject matter we form teams of experts from the field of litigation and dispute resolution and thus use your attorneys' expertise in a manner that is optimal in terms of procedural expertise. Efficient procedural management and our strategic skills combined with our service orientation have top priority in this context.

Even though we work in almost all areas, we have been particularly successful in representing clients in corporate law disputes, disputes in connection with capital market transactions, financing or insolvencies, mass actions, or collective redress proceedings. 
Our partners regularly represent clients also in national and international arbitral proceedings under different rules of arbitration (ICC, UNCITRAL, VIAC, or DIS) or ad-hoc proceedings, and act as arbitrators. We also regularly support clients in international disputes in different jurisdictions in cooperation with our partner law firms abroad.

„We feel that we are always well looked after and that our concerns are heard both professionally and personally and are met with the best solutions“
Chambers and Partners

Key Services and Practice Areas

Banking and Finance

  • Debt collection
  • Realization of collateral security
  • Avoidance proceedings
  • Insolvency-law disputes
  • Liability proceedings
  • Disputes over emissions
  • Prospectus disputes
  • Capital market disputes

Collective Redress and Mass Actions

  • Class actions
  • Mass actions
  • Collective redress

Corporate Litigation

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Challenge to shareholder resolutions or resolutions of corporate bodies
  • Post M&A disputes
  • Joint venture disputes
  • D&O liability claims

Distribution Litigation

  • Product liability proceedings, including in the USA
  • Warranty proceedings
  • Contract disputes with customers or suppliers
  • Commercial agent proceedings

Protection of Industrial Property Rights

  • IP litigation
  • Copyright and media law
  • Proceedings based on the Austrian Act Against Unfair Trade Practices [UWG]

Construction-related Proceedings and Real Estate

  • Construction-related proceedings
  • Disputes arising from general or total contractor agreements
  • Disputes arising from purchase contracts or developer contracts
  • Tenancy law disputes
  • Disputes between condominium owners

Labor and Employment Law

  • Proceedings for claims under employment relationships
  • Disputes relating to offices held on corporate bodies
  • Collective litigation
  • Disputes over pension entitlements
  • Works council disputes

Insurance Law

  • Defense of insurance claims
  • Reinsurance disputes
  • Recourse proceedings


  • Representing parties in arbitral proceedings in Austria and abroad 
  • Acting as arbitrators
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Proceedings for setting aside an arbitral award


Gregor Schett, Partner
Markus Fellner, Partner
Kurt Wratzfeld, Partner
Markus Kajaba, Partner
Stefan Adametz, Partner
Patrick Andrieu, Attorney
Burghild Berger, Attorney
Peter Blaschke, Attorney
Katharina Dobkiewicz, Attorney
Yoanna Eishold, Attorney
Elisabeth Fischer-Schwarz, Attorney
Sandra Kolarik, Attorney
Veronika Seronova, Attorney

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