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ESG & Sustainability

Mission Statement

All our teams have been dealing with the interdisciplinary fields of ESG and sustainability for several years. As a full-service law firm, we combine our experience from providing legal advice to different sectors with the expertise in the specific legal areas in an interdisciplinary approach and provide customized, accurate and innovative solutions as a one-stop shop. For fwp, ESG and sustainability always means, together with our clients, thinking a few steps ahead, finding the best starting points, and providing creative solutions while at the same time securing the framework conditions for sustainable entrepreneurship. Our consulting areas include legal sustainability checks, establishing and constantly adapting reporting frameworks, advice on and structuring of the granting and taking out of ESG-linked funding, support in creating forward-thinking solutions in supply chain management, risk awareness and, above all, in the area of green washing, green procurement, advice on grants and incentives, certifications and labeling, introducing sustainable management and staff plans, as well as supporting transactions and projects with the right focus on ESG and sustainability. 

„Fast understanding, realistic solutions and focused on implementation.“

Key Services and Practice Areas

Banking & Finance, Capital Market

  • Sustainable and sustainable-linked finance
  • ESG and sustainability compliance
  • Structuring and selecting sustainable financial products

Corporate, M&A, and Transactions

  • Legal ESG and sustainability due diligence reviews
  • Structuring of transaction contracts with particular ESG awareness
  • ESG and sustainability-relevant post-merger optimization
  • Focus on start-up counselling in the areas of ESG & sustainability
  • Establishing policies

Labor and Employment Law

  • Designing incentive plans for staff and management
  • Compliance
  • Diversity
  • Next Generation

Transport, Logistics, Distribution & Retail

  • Supply chain compliance
  • Smart contracts
  • Labelling
  • Designing terms and conditions of purchase/sale in conformity with ESG

Projects & Cooperation

  • Development agreements for sustainable projects
  • Sustainable joint ventures

Competition Law

  • Preventive advice and enforcement of rights, including on the topics of green washing and impact washing

Public Business Law

  • Environmental law
  • Energy communities
  • Project development and supporting alternative energy projects
  • Supporting climate protection and greening projects
  • Sustainable public and private procurement procedures
  • Labelling


Michael Hecht, Partner
Florian Kranebitter, Partner