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Public commercial law

Our Challenges

Environmental law aspects affect a number of other areas of law and form an essential part of countless projects. These range from M&A transactions, where with regard to the due diligence process it is crucial that relevant risks have been reflected in the contracts, to project development. Environmental law also plays a key role in planning and regulatory issues.

In addition, the implementation of approval proceedings for industrial plants and other facilities falls within the scope of public commercial law. The particular challenge is presented by the necessity to take into consideration the fact that many relevant provisions are spread across a vast array of different laws. Adding to this complexity is the substantial amount of EU-level legislation that must be taken into account.

Our Expertise

We advise Austrian industrial companies on handling and implementing environmental law topics as well as public authorities on implementing guidelines relevant under environmental law. 

Our work also includes conducting environmental due diligence, preparing expert legal opinions and studies to define alternative possibilities from an environmental law standpoint as well as advising on the applying for licenses required for industrial facilities and other businesses, evaluating environmental law aspects in connection with project development, and advising public authorities in the context of special assignments (evaluating the extent to which public authorities must take into account environmental aspects in procurement proceedings).

Our Team of Lawyers

The persons in charge of public commercial law are fwp partners Michael Hecht, Markus Kajaba and Rudolf Pekar. They have authored a large number of legal publications in this area of the law and are regular speakers with long-standing experience in their respective areas of expertise, not only having extensive know-how but also practical experience and a large network of valuable contacts.

Michael Hecht, Partner
Markus Kajaba, Partner
Rudolf Pekar, Partner
Josef Peer, Attorney at Law