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Mission Statement

Retail traders face highly topical issues, not least due to the considerably increasing environmental awareness of consumers. Rapidly growing distribution forms, such as web shops, involve new tasks, with recycling management gaining more and more importance. Sustainable products and distribution concepts are indispensable and combatting greenwashing is becoming increasingly important. Product information, in particular including environmental impacts, are more in demand than ever before. Likewise, the environmentally friendly packaging of goods is playing an ever more important role. Critical consumers demand information about supply chains, and digitalization in retail business, including correct use of customer data, becomes more and more significant. Thanks to our decades of experience in advising large chains, retailers, and operators of shopping centers we are absolutely familiar with all of those challenges and issues, and you will benefit from our consultancy competence, from developing of commercial properties up to product liability cases.

„Strong problem solver, strong market and industry knowledge, excellent customer management, strong communication skills, 100% availability and meets the deadlines.“

Key Services and Practice Areas

Approval and Establishment of Commercial Properties

  • Meeting the requirements of regional planning law
  • Undertaking the required public-law approval proceedings
  • Advice on the conclusion of consulting, construction, and other contracts (such as purchase contracts for plants or parts of plants)


  • Setting up purchasing, distribution, and logistics systems
  • Advice in the case of conclusion of supply contracts
  • Advice on product and labeling regulations
  • Support in drafting general terms and conditions of purchase or sale
  • Protection and defense of intellectual property
  • Avoidance of greenwashing
  • Advice on product safety and in product liability cases
  • Advice on data protection law issues


Stefan Adametz, Partner
Markus Kajaba, Partner
Paul Luiki, Partner
Gregor Schett, Partner
Monika Sturm, Partner
Kurt Wratzfeld, Partner
Patrick Andrieu, Attorney
Maria Bejan, Attorney
Burghild Berger, Attorney
Florian Dauser, Attorney
Elisabeth Fischer-Schwarz, Attorney
Michael Froner, Attorney
Edda Mo­ha­ritsch-Unfricht, Attorney
Helene Rohrauer, Attorney
Veronika Seronova, Attorney