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Mission Statement

Ideas and founders, their start-ups, and partners are unique, and this is in line with our approach to solving your legal problems and more. Even in the pre-seed stage, we actively support founders, their family and friends, and business angels with our know-how and our network, and accompany them and their investors (VCs, banks, family offices, crowd funding) with personal counselling through further development and financing stages they become a unicorn, and so on. We will find suitable solutions for your legal challenges, from protecting your idea, through choosing the adequate corporate structure, developing production and distribution up to financing series with international partners and exit or other realization scenarios. Hands-on counselling focusing on what is important in the different phases: forward-looking, appropriate for the size, and with the necessary foresight, to ensure that the founders and all stakeholders can concentrate on the core of what makes excellent ideas successful.

„High quality of work, flexibility and always available when needed.“

Key Services and Practice Areas

Corporate Law

  • Structuring, including selecting the ideal corporate structure
  • Utilization of foundation privileges
  • Foundation of business entities and drafting articles of association, partnership agreements, and shareholder agreements, etc.
  • Internal rules of procedure and action plans

Capital Measures

  • Classic and subsidized financing
  • Utilization, management, and accounting for grants
  • Capital increases and other capital measures
  • Alternative financing options, such as convertible loans

Labor and Employment Law 

  • Drafting employment contracts for management and staff 
  • Employment law and collective bargaining
  • Employee participation, retention, and incentive programs
  • Designing remuneration models

Trade and Regulatory

  • Application for trade licenses; trade law
  • Licensing examinations and approvals
  • Product labeling

Cooperation Arrangements

  • License agreements and other exploitation contracts
  • Designing remuneration models
  • Service level agreements 

Product Distribution

  • Distribution agreements
  • Market entry, advertising campaigns, and PR
  • Product labeling
  • E-commerce law
  • General terms and conditions of purchase or sale

Data Protection, Competition Law

  • Anti-competition and competition framework conditions
  • Data protection and data management
  • Antitrust and cartel law

IP, Performing Rights, and Litigation

  • Review, protection, and agreements in connection with IP and other copyrights and performing rights
  • Registration of proprietary rights
  • Co-existence agreements
  • Supporting patent application proceedings

Cooperation, M&A, Growth, and Exit

  • Business cooperation agreements
  • License agreements and other exploitation contracts
  • Service level agreements 
  • Innovation partnerships
  • Agreements with municipalities
  • Preparation and legal design of the framework conditions for due diligence reviews
  • Supporting the search for investors and designing competitive investment processes
  • Exit processes


Stefan Adametz, Partner
Lukas Flener, Partner
Florian Kranebitter, Partner