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Mission Statement

Changes in political, economic, and legal framework conditions constantly pose new challenges for businesses in the energy sector requiring adjustments of their legal and organizational structure, business models and contractual relations. We advise project developers, energy supply companies (manufacturers, utility companies and grid operators), traders, storage operators and storage companies on all aspects of their activities. Likewise, we support investment funds and investors in their dealings in the energy sector. Special focus areas are the structuring and financing of projects, approval of projects, such as power plants, wind parks or geothermal plants, granting of licenses, drafting of (cross-border) contracts between the market participants and with the customers, including terms and conditions. We also support our clients with projects to generate energy from renewable sources by making use of subsidies, and electromobility, as well as designing joint ventures to realize large-scale projects. We also represent our clients in litigation between market participants and with their customers before national or international courts or arbitral tribunals.

„Strongly industry know how, strong market know how, top team,quick response and always reachable.“

Key Services and Practice Areas

Renewable Energies

  • Projects to generate energy from renewable sources
  • Hydrogen projects 
  • Developing, financing, approval and implementation of projects
  • Joint ventures
  • Renewable energy communities 
  • Subsidies under the Austrian Renewables Expansion Act [Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz] and the Austrian CHP Act [KWK-Gesetz]

Energy Generation

  • Developing projects, such as power plants and other generation plants
  • Project companies and joint ventures
  • Financing through loans and capital market instruments
  • State aid law
  • Grants/Subsidies 

Energy Grids

  • Unbundling 
  • Grid access contracts and terms and conditions
  • Usage fees
  • Approval of grid expansions
  • Establishing servitudes and utility easements 
  • Smart grids and smart metering 

Supply and Trading

  • Licenses
  • Electricity and gas trading agreements
  • Customer contracts including terms and conditions


  • Approval of storage facilities
  • Gas storage contracts
  • Joint ventures regarding the construction and operation of storage facilities


  • Joint ventures and cooperation agreements 
  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Contracts between project partners and with customers, including terms and conditions


  • Advice on financing structures
  • Negotiating of loan agreements
  • Syndicated financing arrangements
  • Public private partnerships
  • Capital market instruments

Representation before Public Authorities and Administrative Courts

  • Licensing proceedings 
  • Permit proceedings 
  • Environmental impact assessment proceedings

Energy Litigation

  • National and international judicial and arbitral proceedings
  • ADR proceedings 
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Collective actions


Markus Fellner, Partner
Michael Hecht, Partner
Florian Kranebitter, Partner
Paul Luiki, Partner
Gregor Schett, Partner
Patrick Andrieu, Attorney
Christina Klapf, Attorney
Lydia Lilia Korol-Uitz, Attorney
Josef Peer, Attorney
Helene Rohrauer, Attorney
Bernhard Scherzer, Attorney