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Transport & Logistics

Mission Statement

Logistics plays a particularly important role in a supply chain. This is why targeted planning and optimization of transport logistics is of crucial importance for smooth operations. Especially in trade a shortening of delivery periods and the use of sustainable means of transport can offer a decisive competitive edge. The challenges of the proverbial "last mile" must be overcome and environmental impacts must be minimized. Together with our clients we develop customized solutions in all areas, taking account of complex legal issues and at the same time keeping national and European strategic goals in mind, such as in connection with the White Paper on Transport of the European Commission.

„Strong and efficient Team, always reachable and short response time. Excellent standing in the market, well connected and excellent industry know-how.“
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Key Services and Practice Areas

Logistics Properties

  • Advice on developing logistics properties, from meeting the regional planning law prerequisites up to carrying out the necessary public-law approval proceedings
  • Securing energy efficiency of logistics properties
  • Concepts for subsequent use of logistics properties
  • Avoiding pitfalls in operating logistics properties

 Transport Law

  • Preparation of forwarding and freight contracts including ancillary logistics services, form sheets and general terms and conditions 
  • Advice on the application of and agreement on railway, road, ship, air, or multimodal Incoterms
  • Setting up purchasing, distribution, and logistics systems
  • Advising clients on conclusion of supply contracts
  • Advising clients on customs matters and customs liability
  • Advising clients on different bases of liability (road, railway, air, combined transport), assessment of liability, limitations, or exclusions of liability, in particular in accordance with CMR and the General Austrian Forwarders' Terms and Conditions [Allgemeine Österreichische Spediteurbedingungen, AÖSp]
  • Pursuing claims from transport damage throughout the entire logistics chain
  • Enforcement of claims in and out of court, such as in the case of disputes arising from non-observance of delivery deadlines 
  • Defense of claims arising from loss or damage 
  • Assertion and defense of liens or rights to withhold payment
  • Handling of insurance matters
  • Warehousing law (consignment warehouse, bonded warehouse)
  • Definition of responsibilities in the supply chain and definition of interfaces
  • Process optimization
  • Quality assessment systems


Michael Hecht, Partner
Markus Kajaba, Partner
Christina Klapf, Attorney
Lydia Lilia Korol-Uitz, Attorney
Edda Mo­ha­ritsch-Unfricht, Attorney
Josef Peer, Attorney