Real estate & Construction

Our specialists guarantee top-level legal advice. This means home-field advantage in tackling every challenge, thanks to the persistence and absolute commitment of our powerful team.

The Challenge

Real estate transactions pose a major challenge for legal advisors. Acquiring and developing real estate requires large investments and often involves long-term project schedules. At the same time, stakeholders are faced with a complex regulatory framework spanning dozens of intertwined legal areas, making efficient legal advice a key factor for success.

The questions that need to be addressed include issues of civil law, company law, tax law, as well as key issues of environmental law, plant and facility approval law and financing.

To provide first-rate advice on real estate projects, attorneys need in-depth knowledge of and practical experience in all these areas as well as the ability to assess the requirements of each individual project. Apart from advising on specific projects and contracts, fwp also represents clients in real estate related litigation.

Our Expertise

For many years, we have placed a special emphasis on real estate law and have successfully provided support for a vast number of large-scale real estate transactions. In addition, our clients profit from our long-standing litigation experience.

Our Team

The partners entrusted with real estate matters are Michael Hecht, Markus Kajaba and Lukas Flener. Together with their teams, they provide comprehensive solutions for fwp’s clients. Team members have many years of practical experience in real estate transactions and real estate litigation.