Dispute resolution

Our specialists guarantee top-level legal advice. This means home-field advantage in tackling every challenge, thanks to the persistence and absolute commitment of our powerful team.

The Challenge

Asserting a client’s claims or defending a client against unjustified claims raised by others requires not only expertise in how to conduct proceedings and what substantive law provisions to apply in a given case, but also strategic considerations that take due account of all legal and factual options so that, in the end, an optimal outcome is achieved as efficiently as possible. This also includes alternative dispute resolution and compromises that make sense from a business perspective. Where this is not an option, we use all the legal profession’s tools of the trade to ensure our clients’ interests prevail, relying also on provisional arrangements while keeping future enforceability in mind.

Our Expertise

We can draw on years of experience in representing clients – above all business companies and banks – before courts of law in Austria and abroad as well as before national and international arbitral tribunals. Many of these proceedings were highly complex and involved difficult legal questions, such as disputes over mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, capital market transactions, insolvencies and collective labour law, or various kinds of class-action suits.

Our Team

The partners in charge of dispute resolution are Gregor Schett, Markus Fellner, Kurt Wratzfeld and Markus Kajaba. Like their team members, they have years of experience under their belt when it comes to litigation and arbitration. They also serve regularly as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings themselves.