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fwp provides up-to-date advice to the public sector. The advisory services include all areas which resulted from the liberalisation of numerous sectors, such as the transport and energy sector, but also challenges arising from the development of the public sector towards digitisation, changes in the public health sector, implementation of climate policy measures and all the requirements resulting therefrom. In this context, we provide advice to various regional administrative entities such as different federal provinces, towns and municipalities, social security institutions and chambers.

Furthermore, we support and provide advice to numerous companies held by the public authorities in different legal forms, in particular in the areas of health, mobility and energy. These institutions face the particular challenge of having to operate at the interface between market and state and are confronted with various special legal frameworks, in particular in the areas of procurement law, state aid law, special administrative law and special organisation law, data security, data protection and many more.

In addition, fwp is a sought-after partner when it comes to public procurement as well as public private partnerships (PPPs).

Main aspects of our advisory services

  • Clarifying issues regarding constitutional and administrative law
  • Compliance in the public sector
  • Process planning and permit planning, in particular in the field of infrastructure
  • Advice on the implementation of directives and support regarding methods of law making
  • Procurement law and state aid law
  • Spin-offs and privatisations as well as structuring and implementation of public private partnership models
  • Advice in connection with public service law and organisation law
  • Implementation of large public building projects
  • Advice on the development of new structures, in particular regarding planning law