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Private Clients & family businesses

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Entrepreneurs, owner-managed companies and family businesses have very special needs. They are something special, also from a legal perspective, and just as no two entrepreneurs are alike, no two family businesses are alike. Every situation is unique; the human element plays a crucial role and so does humanity. It is important to understand this individuality and to also address it when providing legal support both to corporations themselves and to private equity investors, for example, when offering advice with regard to a shareholding in such corporations. The corporate governance of owner-managed enterprises and family businesses requires a sophisticated system between the key stakeholders, namely the owners, the management and the family. The individual, and also legal, needs for a successful succession in owner-managed enterprises and family businesses are even more demanding. They represent life-time achievements of one or more generations in which a great deal of heart and soul is invested. 

fwp’s legal experts support entrepreneurs, owner-managed companies and family businesses as well as entire entrepreneurial families with a great deal of circumspection and very special know-how of the day-to-day business from financings, investments, expansions, the resolution of disputes among shareholders, the reorientation of the business towards a successful changeover to the next generation including advice on private foundations and matters of family and inheritance law.

Taking into account the natural interdependencies between owners and companies, we create solid legal framework conditions in order to reduce risks and help safe-guarde values across generations.

Main aspects of our advisory services

  • Structuring of companies and their corporate governance
  • Shareholder arrangements, family business by-laws
  • Mergers and acquisitions, private equity
  • Company financings and restructurings
  • Management shareholdings
  • Succession planning and structuring, changeover to the next generation, succession
  • Private foundations
  • Acquisition of real estate and assets