At our Vienna office and with our international network of partner law firms, we have a powerful team for cross-border cases. Specialists in their core areas of practice, fwp lawyers guarantee top-level legal advice. This means home-field advantage in tackling every challenge, thanks to persistence and absolute commitment.

Stefan Adametz | Attorney at Law
Patrick Andrieu | Attorney at Law
Pavel Bachleda | Attorney at Law
Burghild Berger | Associate
Julia Berger | Associate
Mario Briza | Paralegal
Florian Dauser | Associate
Veronika Derkovits | Associate
Andrea Demanega | Associate
Christian Cacic | Paralegal
Reinhard Dose | Associate
Markus Fellner | Partner
Elisabeth Fischer-Schwarz | Attorney at Law
Victoria Fischl | Associate
Lukas Flener | Partner
Michael Froner | Attorney at Law
Michael Fink | Associate
Wolfgang Gabler | Attorney at Law
Clemens Gabriel | Attorney at Law
Quido Gero | Attorney at Law
Elisabeth Gehringer | Associate
Sophia Haselsberger | Associate
Michael Hecht | Partner
Matthias Herzog | Associate
Ivan Ivanic | Associate
Markus Kajaba | Partner
Benedikt Kessler | Attorney at Law
Patrick Kimla | Attorney at Law
Johannes Kim | Associate
Stefan Knotzer | Associate
Sebastian Ksiazek | Associate
Kristina Landesmann | Associate
Sophie Lang | Paralegal
Paul Luiki | Partner
Raffael Murlasits | Associate
Nikolaus Müllner | Paralegal
Elvira Nezirovic | Associate
Carine Nsiona | Associate
Thomas Ortmaier | Attorney at Law
Josef Peer | Associate
Severin Plattner | Associate
Lukas Rehrl | Attorney at Law
Helene Rohrauer | Associate
Elisa Salajan | Associate
Stefan Sallat | Attorney at Law
Edin Salo | Associate
Gregor Schett | Partner
Bernhard Scherzer | Associate
Maximilian Schipany | Associate
Georg Schönberger | Associate
Veronika Seronova | Attorney at Law
Marele Sladek | Associate
Armin Sommerauer | Associate
Philipp Statzinger | Attorney at Law
Peter Stiegler | Attorney at Law
Dominika Stranavova | Paralegal
Monika Sturm | Attorney at Law
Safiye Ünüvar | Associate
Daniela Vogelgsang | Associate
Gerald Vrubl | Associate
Daniel Wadl | Associate
Mathias Wild | Associate
Manuel Winkler | Associate
Kurt Wratzfeld | Partner
Julian Zarre | Associate