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Mission Statement

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Our day-to-day work is based on the values that define us and make us what we are  one of the TOP business law firms in Austria. Expertise, team spirit and a focus on results are the cornerstones of fwp. Our work is guided by a sense of responsibility, respect and foresight. These are also the values that shape our relationships with numerous stakeholders.

Competence is the foundation we build our work on. Proven expertise of the brightest minds, years of experience and continuous professional development, both as teachers and learners, are the cornerstones we rely on.

Team spirit is what unites us. Being a team allows us to act efficiently when quick solutions are called for and when all resources need to be united to deal with a particular challenge. Mutual respect builds the trust we need to be able to rely on each other.

Focusing on the goal makes us effective. Zeroing in on the target helps us to always find the optimal solution – with speed, precision and efficiency. This is our guiding principle for delivering top performance in the legal practice – it is the standard we set for ourselves and strive to implement.