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The exhibition under the motto "Polyphony" shows eight young artists of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, who illustrate polyphony and diversity through their working methods and content orientations. The increasingly challenging reality and the accompanying desire for quick linear solutions shows itself as a great temptation, but will not help us in the transformation to new orders. The more art must stand up for coexistence, diversity and openness. The artistic works of this year's exhibition captivate by their diversity and thus open the space for a polyphony.

Once again this year the young artists took individual and very personal approaches in dealing with our age and its issues, and created equally diverse, complex and interesting works of art. In addition, their goal this year was once again to create works of art intended to inspire insights, discovery and discussion among onlookers amid the interplay between the law firm fwp, art, and society as a whole.

The kunstakt exhibition has been successfully building bridges between art and law since 2005 with the aim of presenting and promoting young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts. Within its scope, the artists work on a specifically chosen topic that has a strong reference to law. Domains characterised by rationality such as systems of order, systemic structures and controlling were already examined and manifested in the form of individual works of art. The diverse art works give an insight into the way contemporary young Austrian artists see art and they provide unconventional perspectives of the legal system.

Virtual Art Walk

Once again, we will take you on a virtual Art Walk – consisting of a short film, a 360-degree panoramic tour and a photo gallery. 

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of this year’s fwp kunstakt exhibition and join us on this digital walk-through, free of the confines of time and space. We hope this will be a captivating and inspiring experience for you.

360 De­gree Pan­or­amic Tour

At our panoramic tour you can move between the various spaces by simply clicking your mouse buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The Movie

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While the movie is only available in German some artists provide their comments in English.


The programme flyer (available in German only) provides you with an overview of this year´s exhibition.


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