Entitled “Die Vermessung der Dinge” (Measuring All Things), this year’s kunstakt once again allows seven young artists to exhibit their latest works in the law firm’s offices.

Creating a direct reference to the building and the people working in it, the artists have developed works that – using a plethora of artistic media and styles – address contextual questions of the law, the normative force of terminologization and its effect on interpretation. We have learned to constantly check where we stand and to plan, measure and judge our progress.

But couldn’t there still be other ways?

fwp supports the artists in selling their works and is glad to provide any additional information.

Super Véro

Opening Show_02 | 2013
Performative installation & live performance Museum poster in A0 format (841 mm x 1189 mm)
Offset printing
Price: € 20

Pistol-shaped microphone, epoxy resin, 1/5
Artist Fanzine (160 mm x 230 mm)
Digital print, folded, 64 pages
Price: € 900

Super Véro is a young female artist with the “MEGA CV”, who can change her gender and appearance as she pleases. The artist herself is never present in person. In my work, Super Véro is a placeholder for positions that are invisible and not recorded in linear art history.

The CV in itself becomes a stage for performance, and the question “Who is Super Véro” is addressed live on this stage.

Patrick Roman Scherer

Rosinensterben (Dying raisins) | 2013
Pencil on paper
86 x 61cm (base)
Price: € 2,500

Untitled | 2013
Pencil on paper
16 pieces, 14.8 x 21 cm
Price: € 250 per drawing
Graphite drifting on paper, reflecting thoughts…

Memories and feelings grow into autonomous stories when put on paper, where they float freely, loose in one place, thicker and more concentrated in another. Thoughts add up, one to the other to form landscapes of images and symbols and create an order beyond all hierarchical principles.

Catharina Bond

“Juristische Grauzone auf Kuhaut” (Legal limbo on cowhide) | 2013
C-type print, 1/3
80 x 120 cm
Price: € 1,400

For this exhibition, I respond specifically to fwp’s office premises. In the resulting photography, I try to capture and question the social structures, rules and also the legal contents of this environment.

Modern Nomad | 2013

Mixed media on canvas
170 x 200 cm
Price: € 1,900

Conquer! The works deal with spatial restructuring, controlling or allowing movement. Distinct elements overlap, sometimes soft and blending, sometimes hard and contrasting. The resulting relationships are an attempt at getting closer to reality.

The origination process is comparable to history and how borders were formed – they were moved, merged, redrawn or eliminated over the course of different periods and driven by human beings and organisations, nature, accident and strategy. Today’s segmentation is understandable only based on historical details. Any attempt to make history decipherable as a whole is doomed to fail. There are many explanations and methods of reconstruction. Questions emerge and grow. A kind of unrest develops, which can be comforting and threatening at the same time.

Agnes Prammer

“lorem ipsum” | 2013
framed 21 x 28 cm
Ferrotype, with screen printing
Price: € 1,900 per piece, entire series: € 5,000

In the series “lorem ipsum”, Agnes Prammer shows five ferrotypes (photographs on metal plates photographed with a technique used in the 19th century). The artist analyses the language used in the invitations to earlier kunstakt events, whose aim it was to build bridges between art and law, and paraphrases them on the exhibited nature photos.

Screen printings of single letters are superimposed on the photographs. Together, they form the word “image”, playing on the ambiguity of the word and its meanings “image/picture” versus “image/reputation” and again linking art and law. For it is especially in law where language – and knowing how to play with it and interpret it – assumes major importance. “Lorem ipsum”, however, cannot be interpreted conclusively.

Darina Kmetova

From Off to On | 2013
Drawings, collages
40x38cm, 50x38cm, 50x38cm, 50x38cm, 62x82cm, framed

……my works are a visualization of a highly focused approach to the line, an element that I employ subtly, experimentally and sensuously. My preferred techniques are drawing, collage and intaglio printing.

The moment I make the drawings and collages leave the framed medium to conquer the wall and surrounding space, they start to elude traditional interpretation. I draw on the surrounding wall and stick paper elements to it which I cut out or rip out of newspapers, magazines and writings I find.

….it is a tentative, circular approach to the repetitive, partly figurative, partly abstract subjects, with light, shimmering, sensitive and subtle elements.

Nora Hofbauer

Raumordnung (Spatial planning) | 2013
Nylon stockings, cotton wool, stitching silk, MDF, plates, putty
Price: € 800 per object

Red chalk on paper
14.8 x 21 cm, framed
Price: € 170 per drawing

My work deals with physical places but also mental constructions, personal fields of action and space for thinking, emotional models that reduce complexity and enable order but at the same time limit and restrict.

These spaces can be renewed, enlarged, converted and refurnished, or demolished and reconstructed, disposed of or simply left.

What interests me is the question surrounding the temporary quality, the incompleteness and the plasticity of given conditions and circumstances and the potentials for growth and change within an imaginary or effective order.

Biomorphic forms are located in fragmentary spaces which find a temporary home in the premises granted to us. The drawings show snippets of an otherwise inaccessible and invisible and thus unknown inside.