Art means freedom. Art is allowed to be boundless, unchained and sometimes lawless.
Nevertheless – and maybe because of this – art and law have a close interdependent relationship. Both are reflections of the society that brought them forth – on the one hand, in the specific requirements and problems they are faced with, and on the other hand in what they hope to achieve.

fwp’s kunstakt exhibition, initiated with the aim of presenting and promoting young artists, has been building bridges between art and law since 2005.

Supervised by artistic directors Professor Veronika Dirnhofer and Mag. Philip Patkowisch (Vienna Academy of Fine Arts), the artists deal with a topic that is selected specifically for the event and has a marked legal focus. Previous kunstakt shows resulted in individual works of art inspired by domains of a rational nature, such as systems of classification, systemic structures or controlling. The wide variety of the works allows an insight into how contemporary Austrian artists see art and reveals unconventional ways of looking at the law.

At the opening event, a private viewing for a select audience from the worlds of both art and law, artists and art lovers get a chance to spend an evening exchanging views, thus gaining a more profound insight into how the respective other side sees their profession.

After the grand opening, the works of the young artists will remain on show in the premises of Fellner Wratzfeld & Partners where they can be admired and also purchased.

Law meets art to serve a good cause: At the exhibition opening, fwp collected donations to fund painting courses for refugee children to be taught personally by curator professor Veronika Dirnhofer in the Academy of Fine Arts.