fwp trusts in women’s power: Burghild Berger is a new attorney-at-law

Vienna, September 2019. Burghild Berger (40), a long-term legal expert joined the team of litigation attorneys at Fellner Wratzfeld & Partners (fwp) on 10 September 2019.

Dr.iur. Burghild Berger started her career as an associate at fwp already in 2008 and used the following four years to gain significant experience in commercial law practice group, led by fwp partner Markus Fellner.

In order to deepen her international competencies for advising clients, Burghild Berger moved to Toronto in 2012 to work for a Canadian law firm. After three years, she returned to Austria.

Following several months of parental leave, Burghild Berger, now a mother of two, successfully reintegrated herself into working life with the help of an individual fwp part-time model.

Since 10 September 2019, Berger has been part of the fwp team in the role of an attorney-at-law, specialising in the legal areas of litigation and property law. In addition to her litigation expertise, she also has extensive knowledge in the areas of contract and enforcement law. Thanks to her experience gained abroad, she can also provide valuable input when it comes to fwp providing advice on cross-border issues.

Burghild Berger on the progress in her career: “I am grateful to have found a law firm like fwp, offering me a fair balance between my private and my professional life. I am looking forward to the new challenge and my further collaboration with such an excellent team. fwp creates the ideal framework conditions to be both, a mother and an attorney.”

fwp partner Markus Fellner congratulates Ms Berger and emphasises: “We are glad that our long-term employee and excellent legal expert, Burghild Berger, joined our team as attorney-at-law.”