20/kunstakt: fwp’s project of the heart celebrates its 15th anniversary

Vienna, November 2019. For a remarkable 15th time, Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner (fwp) invited its guests to take part in the successful vernissage ‘kunstakt’. Guests from the world of politics and business were impressed by the creative works of the featured artists.

Under this year’s motto ‘Die Wirklichkeit ist nur ein Teil des Möglichen’ (literally: ‘The reality is only a part of the possible’), the vernissage proved to be an inspiring event for the numerous guests at Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner for the 15th time in a row. On 7 November 2019, a total of eight artists of the Academy of Fine Arts presented their works at the premises of fwp. The ‘20/kunstakt’ vernissage was opened by Dr. Christian Bauer, director of the State Gallery of Lower Austria in Krems. Some 200 guests from business and politics followed fwp’s invitation to enjoy the exhibition of contemporary art in this exclusive setting.

Once again, the young artists managed to create individual artworks intended to inspire insights, discovery and discussion among onlookers amid the interplay between fwp as law firm, art and society as a whole. The artists approached this year’s motto of ‘The reality is only a part of the possible’ under the supervision of Professor Veronika Dirnhofer and Philip Patkowitsch (both from the Academy of Fine Arts) and once again, a successful combination of law and art was created.  “From the point of view of natural science, reality is something that is accessible to scientific observation and exploration, anything that can be measured and verified. In the artistic practice, imagination, the impossible, spirituality, myths and games and even the meaningless play a great and important role. When these two approaches are combined, we get closer to the message of the quote with our interpretation – and by further reflecting on it, possible connections between art and law become visible. Art as well as law are about making something new, something which was not yet thought about and understood become understandable and possible to be experienced. To be courageous and try to do the impossible, so that widely varying possibilities come to the fore”, this is how Dirnhofer describes the intention behind the chosen topic.

“Our company can no longer be imagined without the kunstakt, which is truly a project of the heart and traditionally and institutionally embedded by now. We are proud of many years of giving young artists a platform for realising their conceptions and ideas and presenting their works to many interested clients not only during the grand opening but for an entire year”, says fwp partner Markus Fellner.

The works will be exhibited for an entire year on the law firm’s premises where they can also be purchased. They were contributed by the following artists: Anthia Loizou, Olivia Coeln, Clemens Matschnig, Leo Mayr, Mariella Lehner, Charlotte Lassalle, Pourea Alimirzaee and Nikolaus Lapuch. Further information on the works is available at